Paige Macnguyen, founder of Paige Alysa Swim
Growing up by the ocean, the coastal lifestyle has become a central agent of both my passions and identity. Because I’m always in the water, I have quite a swimsuit collection. But as much as I love buying new bikinis, I can’t help but notice that some of my favorite swimwear brands provide little to no transparency about their products. 

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. Fast fashion has fed into consumerism, which in turn, creates this throwaway society. Instead of purchasing clothing that can be worn for a long time, many people gravitate toward cheap, synthetically-made pieces that are often thrown out and replaced when the next trend arises. And to make matters worse, when synthetic textiles like polyester are washed, millions of microplastics—tiny, imperishable pieces of plastic—are released into the ocean. 

Paige Alysa Swim is a handmade, eco-friendly swimwear line working to combat the lack of sustainability efforts within the fashion industry. From the materials featured in my collections to the packaging I use, I aim to employ thoughtfulness into every aspect of my brand. 

My goal is to make bikinis that not only look good but also do good for the environment. Each collection is ethically made in small batches, reducing both textile waste and my carbon footprint. With consumer trends changing faster than ever, I design and create minimalistic swimwear that is timeless and won’t be thrown out when the next season arrives. 

All bikinis are made from Econyl®—nylon that is regenerated from pre- and post-consumer waste like industrial plastic, fabric scraps, and fishing nets that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans and landfills. I am so passionate about slowing down fashion and if we all start becoming more conscious about what we consume, we can help reduce plastic pollution, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, and so much more! 

The ocean is our home. Let’s do our best to protect it!